Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Made more Soap after donating everything I had to Haiti

Well, it has been a while.... I wasn't in the mood since October of 2016 hit. Call it depression. Then about a month and a half ago I heard of a medical missionary that was going to Haiti. They were asking for donations (soap was not on there) So I asked them, "Could you use Hand made soap?"
The woman said "YES'. We made arrangements for her to pick it up.
Almost 75 lbs Of soap went with her.....
That made my heart happy and I had hoped it would kick start some mojo. I had 2 soap on a stick in the first month of 2017 :(   Both using an FO from a certain company I will not mention.

Now on to what I have made....

~Ballz Of Gold~
Scented in Oud Wood, Red Saffron and Sandalwood
The piping had slipped to the side over night, so that is why it looks a lil wonky. These are thickly cut.

~I love you Mom~
Scented in "A mothers's love"
I used Camels milk in this one.

~Lux Salt bar~
Super fatted with Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Mango Butter
Scented with essential oils of Tangerine, Jamarosa & Patchouli
Aussie pink clay for the color

~Gothic Rose~
Scented in a dupe of  Rose Jam

French Lavender & Honey
(This was for a challenge to make stripes, which is really not my thing.)
The urge to put the hanger tool though it was very strong, but I wanted to enter something.
It is still kinda pretty and fits the scent , which is amazing

~Hey Girl~
Scented in Heavenly Honeysuckle

I have also been dabbling in Bath bombs and bubbles bars
and I have  you tube channel to demo them and ones I buy
~Bubbling Butter Bath Bomb~
Scented in Cocoa Butter & Cashmere

~Bubbling Bath Bath Bomb~
Fairy Garden

~Pink Champagne Cocktail~

~Honey Bee Bath Bomb~
With Honey powder, bee pollen and Propolis

~Somali Rose~
Filled with milk powders, butters, Black lava salt and Rose hop powder extract for color

I Don't take a lot of pics of them or the bubble bar things. I have made more, but no pics
Here is a couple bubble bars scented in a dupe of Sultana

My YouTube channel is 

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