Friday, May 13, 2016

Great Cakes Soap Challenge Tear Drop Technique

Let me begin...I was inspired colour wise by a Gothic model.
 Adora Batbrat

Ohhh this technique tested my patience!!!!
My first two tries were in the 1501 CC mold.
Used Amy's recipe too.
The first one was the short wide black one
I used all Mad Oils micas
Base was Black Oyster. Then tear drop was Pink Chiffon, Voodoo, Grape Nehi and Peacock.
Scented with Dragons Blood

The second try I used Pink Chiffon as my base colour.
And my tear drop was Tempest, Voodoo, Grape Nehi and Peacock.
I didn't think and scented it with Butt Naked in bed and that caused the base to turn beige.
Two failed batches

I actually got pissed and deleted all the pics because I didn't want to try any more
After a few days passed I thought I'd use my bigger mold from ED.
Scent: Smoke and mirrors
Colours...Wicked for base and the tear drop was pink chiffon, voodoo, tempest, grape nehi and peacock
This is my results...looks more like a Pink Floyd Album cover

I have a crappy camera

So that's my entry..Pink Floyd!!