Wednesday, March 16, 2016

~Phoenix Rimmed Soap~

The stress of knowing this soap challenge was coming up was horrible
So here we go..
My first try using Tatiana's recipe cracked.
I was missing palm kernal oil and subbed it for flakes.
The second try I did the same way but used more soap. It was over an inch thick. 

is my colours and fragrance. My cake slicer, which worked perfect to slice a few layers off. Using Tatiana's instructions with books inside the mold
The only difference this time, I dropped the super fat to 7 and added 1 oz of vegetable glycerin. I don't know if it helped but I got a few slices and they were very pliable.

Below is the slices in a Pringles can and in the column mold from Bramble Berry.
The Pringles can had a blow out just like popping a can of biscuits open

Here it is unmolded. I did an in the pot swirl for the insides with pale yellow and bright orange but it ended up the colour or a creamcycle😢

The seam worked out well because both edges were white.

After the slice above I just wasn't happy with the way the inside colour came out. So I took a medicine bottles and just pushed down a little to get the circle. Then carved it out with one of my clay tools.
Then made a very small batch of just the red colour from the rim and used a dropper to fill the wholes. Two squeeze fulls were enough per bar.
You can see the pic shows that small pile of dug out soap. It really wasn't much but I'm happy I took that extra step to give it more visual interest.

Finale thoughts and pics...
Thank you Tatsiana and Amy and all the amazingly crazy talented people in this large soap community. You all inspire me 💟
As for this challenge, I am glad its over LOL.
It was fun and not as hard as I hyped myself up to think it was.
Will I do it again? Probably not, but who knows what the future brings.

Here are the final pics. I still do not have a good camera and the soap looks and smells amazeballz in person