Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Made more Soap after donating everything I had to Haiti

Well, it has been a while.... I wasn't in the mood since October of 2016 hit. Call it depression. Then about a month and a half ago I heard of a medical missionary that was going to Haiti. They were asking for donations (soap was not on there) So I asked them, "Could you use Hand made soap?"
The woman said "YES'. We made arrangements for her to pick it up.
Almost 75 lbs Of soap went with her.....
That made my heart happy and I had hoped it would kick start some mojo. I had 2 soap on a stick in the first month of 2017 :(   Both using an FO from a certain company I will not mention.

Now on to what I have made....

~Ballz Of Gold~
Scented in Oud Wood, Red Saffron and Sandalwood
The piping had slipped to the side over night, so that is why it looks a lil wonky. These are thickly cut.

~I love you Mom~
Scented in "A mothers's love"
I used Camels milk in this one.

~Lux Salt bar~
Super fatted with Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Mango Butter
Scented with essential oils of Tangerine, Jamarosa & Patchouli
Aussie pink clay for the color

~Gothic Rose~
Scented in a dupe of  Rose Jam

French Lavender & Honey
(This was for a challenge to make stripes, which is really not my thing.)
The urge to put the hanger tool though it was very strong, but I wanted to enter something.
It is still kinda pretty and fits the scent , which is amazing

~Hey Girl~
Scented in Heavenly Honeysuckle

I have also been dabbling in Bath bombs and bubbles bars
and I have  you tube channel to demo them and ones I buy
~Bubbling Butter Bath Bomb~
Scented in Cocoa Butter & Cashmere

~Bubbling Bath Bath Bomb~
Fairy Garden

~Pink Champagne Cocktail~

~Honey Bee Bath Bomb~
With Honey powder, bee pollen and Propolis

~Somali Rose~
Filled with milk powders, butters, Black lava salt and Rose hop powder extract for color

I Don't take a lot of pics of them or the bubble bar things. I have made more, but no pics
Here is a couple bubble bars scented in a dupe of Sultana

My YouTube channel is 

Sunday, November 20, 2016

What have I been doing?

Well, I was doing pretty well  making soap and trying other things. My last soap was made in October and I just made huge batch of lotion that still needs to be divided up and scented and packaged. I have made some whipped body butter to go with a soap I made. Also made some fizzing foaming bath salt blend with rose petals. Made a few bubble bars too. 
I packed up some things that are going into gift baskets that were commissioned. (The products are wrapped and labeled but the actual "basket" hasn't been put together yet. I still have time.
Other than that, I will post some pics below of what has been going on.

Above is a "chub bar" (Chub because it is short and wide)
It is scented with the fabulous Cocoa Butter and Cashmere fragrance from (BB) new Fall/winter line.
I left the soap uncolored because I knew it would turn dark on it's own. Did a gold mica line and made curves in each layer with Popsicle (craft sticks). Textured the top a very little and used the same gold mica "SisterGolden Hair from (MO)
Below is what it looks like now

(Blahh bad blurry pic. But you can see how the FO changed the color on it's own.)

Above is Peaceful Snowdrop
The top is all hand molded flowers, hearts and doves.
Scented in Sparkling Snowdrop from BB
I also used colors (mica) from Micas and More

Above is Wampanoag. It is a custom blend I made for the scent and is my 'nod" to the Native Americans on Cape Cod. Hand molded flowers adorn the top with Juniper berries in the middle
micas are from Micas and more.

Above is Christmas Tree, another custom blend, made for a soap swap.
Micas are from (MO)

Above is Harvest Moon. I left the base uncolored and used Black and Red Aussie clay.
The FO turned a nice dark brown color 
The top has cinnamon stick and orange peel.

Below is a pic of it now

Winter Solstice or Noel
 ( couldn't make up my mind on what to name it)
Scented in Snow Witch from (MO) and all the micas are from them too.

Above is Ally Cat

Above is Cedar and Amber

Cozy Tea Time
Do not know what possessed me to use these colors.
It smells wonderful though

Above is Obsidian

Above are some Bubble bars 

Above is a side view of the fizzy Foamy bath salt blend with organic coconut milk

Above is 2 lbs of unscented lotion I made. I need to divide it up and scent and bottle it up

Lastly here is a pic of my cat McGee, just because..

Monday, September 12, 2016

~Help For Casper Soaps~

I learned that my long time Casper Peterson has been diagnosed with breast cancer.
along with that horrible news, Casper's Insurance does not cover all the medical treatments she need.

There is a fundraiser in the "Digital Art Community"
If you are interested in helping Casper that way...
Here is the link to the blog below

While I am posting links below is a link to help fight Breast Cancer

Now back to what I can (WE CAN) do to help her as well

To start this off, I asked her what is her Favorite scent is... It is Lavender
and any one who knows her , knows she likes the punk rock colors. Bright and in your face cyber-goth ect..
So first off I have this Rainbow soap
Scented in Patchouli Rain
What does that smell like? well here is the description...
It’s rich, deep, and mysterious. 
This fragrance oil is a fresh rain and earthy patchouli 
with notes of lily of the valley, cyclamen, fresh ozone, earthen moss, 
and hints of sweet citrus. Rain has never smelled better! 
I love Patchouli and it is far from being in your face.
This is the soap
~Hippie's Rainbow~

The next soap is called ~Casper Gurl~
Scented with Lavender and Orange 10fold Essential Oils

I will be making one more loaf and will up date the blog with it.
I am thinking a autumn/winter scent

What is in the soap?
Distilled Water, Coconut oil, Olive oil, Palm Oil (RR),
Rice bran oil, Canola oil, Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Castor oil
Aloe juice, Raw Sugar, Sodium Lactate, Colloidal Oats and Tussuh Silk Fibers.

Each bar costs $5.00 plus shipping 
( I will know how much shipping is later on, it depends on how many you buy)
That $5.00 will go to Casper!

If you would like to purchase any of these soaps...
In the body of the email state what soap you want and how any. Also leave your PayPal addy in it too, along with your name and full address.

NOTE: Casper Gurl Soap will be ready to ship Oct 15th
Please check back for updates on other soaps to be added.

Thanks you,

Sunday, September 11, 2016

"Cleo" My attempt at piping soap for Great Cakes Soap Challenge for the month of Sept.

Well, This was a no fun....
I used the recipe Amy had posted to practice piping flowers.
I have never piped a cup cake before!!
I bought every piping thing that Nurture Soap had,

 plus some smaller tips and bags and couplers.
She said there had to be at least two colors in the bag
so here is my practice shots of flowers and leaves

Let me start by saying this took for freaking ever to thicken up!!
Even with an accelerating FO :( Flower Child from WSP )
The whole damn day...by the time it was thick enough I was so tired and in a pissy mood.
This is what ya get when you do things in a pissy mood. 
Flowers that look like busted raviolis!
And that is not all the ugliness either, There are more pics I am just not posting them.

I ended up taking all of them and putting them in saran wrap and in plastic bags to use to mold things in the future.

So I thought screw it.... I don't have to pipe a flower. She just said it had to have two colors in the bag

So I did a Royalty Soap "Type" of soap
No embeds because they were not allowed

Used a smaller mold and used my regular recipe
Coconut, OO, Palm, Rice bran, Canola, Shea, Cocoa butters Castor and aloe.
along with silk, SL, Raw Sugar, Colloidal Oats

I used the FO Cleopatra from Rustic Escentuals

My colors were Base color was Gold  (looks yellow)
and dropped swirled Brown, Ruby Red and Hunter Green 

The top was a nice deep blue that gradually turned green as I waited for it to thicken. I took some of that out, and put activated charcoal in it and did an the pot swirl at the last second hoping the two colors would show up.

At first it wasn't looking so good
see pics below

What it looked like before ( or while I waited for the rest to thicken).

I thought I was completely screwed!! The two colors didn't show. Hell my color turned green!!
As you can see I just did a gold mica drizzle on top.

As a week past I noticed it had turned back to the original colors

The blue shows as blue now and the black just looks like a darker blue. Either way it is two colors in one bag.

Moral of this story....Don't soap when you are in a bad mood. 
Piping takes forever, that puts me in a bad mood,then I get pissy and end up with ugly soap!

These challenges are wearing on me. It causes me so much anxiety. Learning a new technique and competing against people who have way more patience and talent than I do.
It is really discouraging when I think about it.

I may take a break from them (depends on what they are)
I just want to make a good bar of soap that cleans you and leaves you feeling clean but not too clean...if ya know what I mean. Moisturized, but not too much that you feel like ya have snot on your hands or you feel sticky.

Thanks for the challenge Amy

Gold=Sister golden hair
Brown=sexy stranger on a train
Black=Activated Charcoal 
From Mad Oils

Hunter Green, Ruby Red, Midnight Blue

Monday, August 29, 2016

Oh how I have neglected my blog....
I do have a recipe that I love and those who have used it, ( not family and friends, experienced soap makers, who I value there opinions very much) love the bar.
So yes, I have pics of soap that I have been making.

(Indian Summer)

 (Un-named Luxury bar)

 (Rainbow hippie)

(Indigo Salt Bar)

(Aleppo Inspired Soap)

(Purple Swirple)

(All good things for your face bar)

That is all the pics I have, I may blog the recipe's for some of these