Sunday, November 20, 2016

What have I been doing?

Well, I was doing pretty well  making soap and trying other things. My last soap was made in October and I just made huge batch of lotion that still needs to be divided up and scented and packaged. I have made some whipped body butter to go with a soap I made. Also made some fizzing foaming bath salt blend with rose petals. Made a few bubble bars too. 
I packed up some things that are going into gift baskets that were commissioned. (The products are wrapped and labeled but the actual "basket" hasn't been put together yet. I still have time.
Other than that, I will post some pics below of what has been going on.

Above is a "chub bar" (Chub because it is short and wide)
It is scented with the fabulous Cocoa Butter and Cashmere fragrance from (BB) new Fall/winter line.
I left the soap uncolored because I knew it would turn dark on it's own. Did a gold mica line and made curves in each layer with Popsicle (craft sticks). Textured the top a very little and used the same gold mica "SisterGolden Hair from (MO)
Below is what it looks like now

(Blahh bad blurry pic. But you can see how the FO changed the color on it's own.)

Above is Peaceful Snowdrop
The top is all hand molded flowers, hearts and doves.
Scented in Sparkling Snowdrop from BB
I also used colors (mica) from Micas and More

Above is Wampanoag. It is a custom blend I made for the scent and is my 'nod" to the Native Americans on Cape Cod. Hand molded flowers adorn the top with Juniper berries in the middle
micas are from Micas and more.

Above is Christmas Tree, another custom blend, made for a soap swap.
Micas are from (MO)

Above is Harvest Moon. I left the base uncolored and used Black and Red Aussie clay.
The FO turned a nice dark brown color 
The top has cinnamon stick and orange peel.

Below is a pic of it now

Winter Solstice or Noel
 ( couldn't make up my mind on what to name it)
Scented in Snow Witch from (MO) and all the micas are from them too.

Above is Ally Cat

Above is Cedar and Amber

Cozy Tea Time
Do not know what possessed me to use these colors.
It smells wonderful though

Above is Obsidian

Above are some Bubble bars 

Above is a side view of the fizzy Foamy bath salt blend with organic coconut milk

Above is 2 lbs of unscented lotion I made. I need to divide it up and scent and bottle it up

Lastly here is a pic of my cat McGee, just because..

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