Wednesday, April 13, 2016

~Keffiyeh Soap~

My soap was to mimic the Keffiyeh ( Traditional Palestinian Scarf)
I used the 9 bar silicone mold from BB
I'm mixed race and I'm very proud of my Palestinian heritage. My father was born in Hebron, in the West bank.
On to soap..
I ordered olive oil from Palestine and used Samuel Adams Boston lager as my liquid because I live in Massachusetts.

I used coconut oil, palm, olive, shea and mango and cocoa butter
Tussah silk was added to the lye solution.
Arabian Spice was the fragrance for the main batch.
It is from BB also.
I added TD to the soap batter but it only lightened it up a bit.
Below is the lye solution and you can see its dark

After I unmolded it it I sketched it out and my daughter helped carve it and pull out the pieces.

I was stressing that it was still dark and adding black soap to the parts that were carved out, would look like a dirty Keffiyeh.😢😢
I made one more batch with water and brought it to an emulsion only.
Split it in half and used TD in one and black oxide in the other. The black was scented with a sample bottle of Sweet Fig from BB
With a paint brush and the soap just sitting in the silicone mold I began painting the white on. Behind me my daughter was using a dropper it add the black. It took two coats for the white to stick and yes it did have drip marks on the sides. Both white and black. I was able to clean that up the next day.
With both of us working so hard. No pictures were taken of the painting.

Here is the finished pics

I wanted to do a soap with Lizzy Borden or the Salem Witches
But my daughter said, "don't be the creepy you Ma".

Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Power of 3 Soap

Why "The Power Of 3" ?
Well because I infused ( separately ) 3 flowers.
Lavender buds, Dried Rose buds and petals and Chamomile in Olive oil
Used 3 powdered milks.
Goats milk, yogurt and buttermilk from (Steph's micas and more)
And used 3 butters in the soap
Shea, Mango and Avacado
3 natural colourants
Non nano Zinc for white
Green tea powdered extract for green from (soaperssupplies)
Strawberry powdered extract(soaperssupplies)

It also has coconut oil, Palm oil and Castor oil
Tussah Silk and SL
33% water to lye solution.
This bar is luxurious, creamy and bubbly.
Nothing but goodness in this soap.
It's not a vibrant white or a bright pink. The green is green but not bright either.
Maybe during the curing time it will pop a bit more, but if not it's okay.
This soap is slamming in goodness
Oh it is scented with "Breath Of God" from (Nurture Soap)

~Slick~ Soap

I made this soap about two weeks ago.
It has..
Coconut oil, Organic Beef Tallow, Olive oil, Castor oil,
Ricebran oil, Cocoa, Shea and Mango butters
It is a 33% water/lye solution
Tussuh Silk, SL, White Kaolin Clay
White is TD, Black is Black Pearl from (Nurture Soap)
Grey is Satin Grey from (Nurture Soap)
Red is Red Vibrance from (Nurture Soap)
Scented with Black Amber Musk from (WSP)