Thursday, July 14, 2016

Great Cakes Soap Challenge, July's Piped divider technique

First let Me say this was my favorite challenge so far, for me
I used Bramble Berry's 9 bar silicone liner in a USPS grade A priority box.
All my colors were from Mad Oils
Sexy stranger on a train for Brown, 3 olive martini for Green, sister golden hair for Yellow and Phyllis filler for White,
Scent combo was Wood Sage and Sea Salt ( New York Scent) and Teakwood and Cardamom ( Nature's Garden)
Kokum butter held the couplers in place nicely and released easily.
Pics below

Below is my cleaned up entry pic named
" My husbands favorite shirt"

Below is another soap I made named
4 colors from Mad Oils and scented with Hawaiian Splash from (Nature's Garden)