Thursday, February 18, 2016

GreatCakes February Winter Wonderland Soap Challenfe!!

Gratcakes February's soap challenge
Winter Wonderland

I wanted to do a log cabin in the woods
Below is my sketch and I can't get it to turn the right way because I'm on a tablet

I was going to mold the cabin wall and the green bushes and snow and rolled tiny Snow flakes too.
Here are the colors I used

I used Sexy stranger on a train ( MO) for my brown, I used it again with some 24k gold  mica (WSP) and TD (NS) for the beige. White was made with Super Sparkles mica ( NS) and TD, Green was made with Enchanted Forest (RE) and 3 olive martini (MO),Black was made with Black oyster(MO)
I used dividers to make the color steps ad some milk cartons for the black and white.
And the sky would be made with peacock (MO) and TD

Below are pics of it 

The recipe for this I got free from another soaper who does nice little molded things on top of her soaps.
50% lard, 30% coconut oil, 20% soybean oil.
After squeezing this all into the mold and it was a pain in the butt!!!
I got to pour the snow in then stand it up and pour the sky and pit the snow flakes in too.
After the soap was done I realized that much "molding soap" was harsh and it was going threw the salad shooter quickly!

Start over with same idea but hand pouring!
Using two dividers and thick soap I was able to make the cabin wall and the bush. I still had molded snow flakes left so I used them.
The recipe I used was 25% coconut oil, 25% lard, 20% Olive oil, 15% castor oil and 7.5% Shea and mango butters
SL and Silk was used.
A mix of 3 fragrances
Because I was moving so fast because the soap was thickening up. I didn't take a pic of it till it was in the mold
Below is the top of the soap...I know, how exciting!!😯

And here is my entry pic!!
"Cabin in the woods"

Thank you Amy for all the learning challenges
I hope everyone had fun making their's...
And thank you to the amazing stores that sell all the products we need to makes soap!
MO-Mad Oils
NS-Nurture Soaps
RE- Rustic Escentuals
WSP-Whole Sales Supplies Plus
Fragrances- Aztec International

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Handmade Soaps and New Cutter!!

Here are some pics of soaps I have made but either did them before the blog or was too lazy/forgot to blog about them.
First off let me say I just got this cutter and planer/ beveler package at
Custom Soap Stamps

The soaps above are as follows
Fireside N Juniper Breeze
Spiced Mahogany

Midnight Mountain Handmade Soap

Midnight Mountain 
This soap is a all natural soap
( meaning natural colourants and nothing synthetic)
It was a challenge from Great Cakes Soap Challenge Club
First I started of making the embeds for the soap.
I piped trees. 
Let's say I tried piping for the first time piping and making trees.
They ended up looking more like bushes
I used coconut water instead of water.
Half the coconut water was used to desolve the lye and the other added at the the same time into the oils
Coconut oil, lard, palm, olive, hemp seed oil, castor, Shea & cocoa butters, ricebran oil.
I used sage powder as the colourant.
Scented with cedarwood essential oil,

The next day I made another batch of soap.
I used coconut water and mixed it with powdered goat's milk as my liquid.
Coconut oil, palm, olive, castor, Shea and cocoa butter, meadowfoam oil was used.
Colourants were, Activated charcoal, plantain and madder root powders and benonite clay.
Scented with lavender 40/42, pachouli, and rosemary essential oils.

Thats the soap in my Tall & Skinny

4 days later .....

So my piped trees look more like a snow capped mountain scape,
In the tall and skinny mold.