Saturday, January 6, 2018

~2018 Goals~

This year I wanted to set goals not resolutions
I have  planner calendar that I have been keeping track of them too.
Here they are below and each week (SATURDAY) I will due updates on them.

1.) Learn to Meditate and actually try doing it at least 2x a week till I get the hang of it and I can go just do it as needed. ☮

2.) Cut back on all sugar. Ween myself off of Air Heads and late night cookies, cut back on sugar in my coffee.🍬🍥🍵

 3.) Walk around the house more than I usually do. Stretch and focus more on my health and pain issues.👣

 4.) Do more videos, starting with at least 1 per week, till I am doing 5 (even if they are shorts). Participate in collabs and tags. also post more on Instagram and get involved with collabs there too with all the lovely ladies at Geeks & Beauties.

5.) Make at least 1 loaf/slab of soap a month; and make something else such as bath bombs or lotion ect..

 6.) Find another hobby. Paper crafting, felting, tagging. Just do something else that is low impact on the back.

 7.) Go to the dentist and see if I can get my teeth fixed and also to the eye doctor for proper glasses.👀

8.) Cut back on smoking by rolling less, with the end goal to be hopefully smoke free by 2019

9.) Do more to help others by supporting their social media , promoting products and ideas. Pimp out my Geeks & Beauties and get more involved with them.💕

10.) Work on my blog! Start at 1 post a week, until I get a rhythm of doing it more naturally.✎

11.) More self care & Love by taking care of myself physically and mentally. I can do this by not staying in my PJ's and "act" like I have a life so maybe I get one and enjoy it.💓

12.) Actually Plan and track these goals on a planner to keep myself on track📖

Much Love & Peace to everyone. We need it now more than ever❤❤❤❤❤

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