Sunday, September 11, 2016

"Cleo" My attempt at piping soap for Great Cakes Soap Challenge for the month of Sept.

Well, This was a no fun....
I used the recipe Amy had posted to practice piping flowers.
I have never piped a cup cake before!!
I bought every piping thing that Nurture Soap had,

 plus some smaller tips and bags and couplers.
She said there had to be at least two colors in the bag
so here is my practice shots of flowers and leaves

Let me start by saying this took for freaking ever to thicken up!!
Even with an accelerating FO :( Flower Child from WSP )
The whole damn the time it was thick enough I was so tired and in a pissy mood.
This is what ya get when you do things in a pissy mood. 
Flowers that look like busted raviolis!
And that is not all the ugliness either, There are more pics I am just not posting them.

I ended up taking all of them and putting them in saran wrap and in plastic bags to use to mold things in the future.

So I thought screw it.... I don't have to pipe a flower. She just said it had to have two colors in the bag

So I did a Royalty Soap "Type" of soap
No embeds because they were not allowed

Used a smaller mold and used my regular recipe
Coconut, OO, Palm, Rice bran, Canola, Shea, Cocoa butters Castor and aloe.
along with silk, SL, Raw Sugar, Colloidal Oats

I used the FO Cleopatra from Rustic Escentuals

My colors were Base color was Gold  (looks yellow)
and dropped swirled Brown, Ruby Red and Hunter Green 

The top was a nice deep blue that gradually turned green as I waited for it to thicken. I took some of that out, and put activated charcoal in it and did an the pot swirl at the last second hoping the two colors would show up.

At first it wasn't looking so good
see pics below

What it looked like before ( or while I waited for the rest to thicken).

I thought I was completely screwed!! The two colors didn't show. Hell my color turned green!!
As you can see I just did a gold mica drizzle on top.

As a week past I noticed it had turned back to the original colors

The blue shows as blue now and the black just looks like a darker blue. Either way it is two colors in one bag.

Moral of this story....Don't soap when you are in a bad mood. 
Piping takes forever, that puts me in a bad mood,then I get pissy and end up with ugly soap!

These challenges are wearing on me. It causes me so much anxiety. Learning a new technique and competing against people who have way more patience and talent than I do.
It is really discouraging when I think about it.

I may take a break from them (depends on what they are)
I just want to make a good bar of soap that cleans you and leaves you feeling clean but not too clean...if ya know what I mean. Moisturized, but not too much that you feel like ya have snot on your hands or you feel sticky.

Thanks for the challenge Amy

Gold=Sister golden hair
Brown=sexy stranger on a train
Black=Activated Charcoal 
From Mad Oils

Hunter Green, Ruby Red, Midnight Blue


  1. Sorry to hear you are feeling pressure, Omneya! That is definitely not the intent! If a break will help, then by all means, do it!! Soapmaking, and the challenges especially, should be FUN - a creative outlet, a chance to try something new & exciting, and a shared experience with your peers. That's what I wish for all who participate. :) And your soap turned out rather cute despite the issues you were having!! Love the Royalty Soap style!

    1. The fondant mat challenge was my third soap I ever made. So I think I might have jumped on the challenge band wagon too soon. I dunno. I get anxiety making anything because I want it to come out good. When you add that on top of a competition....even more anxiety. I lovedddd the challenge with the short lil pipes (SOAPISH) one. But I don't like that style of soap. The ones in a slab mold. I prefer loaf. I am just getting picky. It is just something I am going through that is all

  2. Omneya! I knew this was you before I read Omneyas wish at the top lol. I knew by your cursing haha Don't be in a mood, your soap is lovely and so are you. I enjoy reading your posts and seeing your creations. Your wit and personality is just so funny and you bring a lot to the club. Don't let it get you down lovely! You are one of a kind and I bet you will be surely missed. Enjoy it and don't beat yourself up. Great job, your creation is FAB!!! xx

  3. P.S. There is absolutely nothing wrong with your piped roses and I bet they would look great on top of a soap loaf!!! x

  4. Isn't is ironic that when you want a fluid batter, it thickens right up and other times, like for this challenge, it can take forever? Yes patience is definitely a virtue when you are soaping :-) ... and I might add to your moral, don't soap when your tired :-) :-)

  5. Omneya, I think you flowers look great and I really like your Royalty Soap style. I watch every Royalty soap video I can, She is just Amazing, she is so talented!

  6. my first batch of soap for piping solidified before I could get it in the bag. Funny how that works sometimes the opposite extremes. I feel your frustration, just look at it as a character builder. I personally think your soap is great.

  7. You got the challenge done and that's BIG!! I have some soaps that are easy, and I absolutely love, and some that make my blood boil. You will find your groove, These soaps are beautiful, and every step is a leaning process!